img_3607-e1532241494611.jpgPilates Escape Crew was established in 2017 by Charissa Fermelis and Claire Nolan.

Our vision is to empower our Escapees by providing an holistic and integrated Pilates Escape experience for like-minded, supportive and inspiring women. We pride ourselves on our personal and professional integrity, our attention to detail and our ability to intertwine scientific-based clinical medicine with a caring and grounded approach to wellbeing.

We want to veer away from the withdrawing and surrendering connotations of a ‘retreat’, where bootcamps and exercise-in-a-hurry dictate a participant’s itinerary. We want to move towards breaking free and diverting from our regular routines, to

  • EXPLORE another culture and our own mind-body-spirit connection,
  • IMMERSE ourselves in our Pilates practice, and
  • return to life with a sense of RENEW.

Escape with us. Join the Crew. 

img_1549.jpgBoth Charissa and Claire are expertly trained through and registered with the Australian Pilates Method Association. Few Pilates instructors come more highly qualified or more experienced than Claire – she is recognised as level 4 Professional Pilates Practitioner and has taught in excess of 15,000 hours. Charissa is a registered physiotherapist, as well as a level 3 Professional Pilates Practitioner, and has taught over 10,000 hours – www.charissafermelis.com. Combined, they have over 35 years of personal Pilates experience.

“I believe in the integrity of movement. It is important that we understand the difference between what our mind wants and what our body needs. It is all about balance, and that is nourishing for body, mind and spirit. We must all find our healing moment.”

Claire Nolan

“In nature, structure reflects function. The human body is comprised of hundreds of joints, which are designed to move, to enable mobility. I love that Pilates as a method encourages us to find strength and stability within our movements to support structural integrity for optimal function.”

Charissa Fermelis